Technical Support Solutions

FlightApps support solutions are designed to provide you with any level of technical, application, or user support you desire. Whether your organization needs a Tier 1 Help Desk or simply a Subject Matter Expert, we have you covered. All of FlightApps' hosted customers receive the highest level of technical support for the Ascent Portal and the connections to all hosted applications. You and your staff will have the access you need when you need it. At FlightApps, we pride ourselves on our customer service, therefore, our response times are extremely low, and customers have a myriad of ways to communicate with our support technicians. A dedicated online ticket management system, support email, and dedicated support phone number will ensure you have the type of support you need, all on demand. Our support technicians are continually improving their knowledge base, and are all highly trained professionals with extensive experience managing all of the software and hardware solutions we offer and utilize.

Help Desk - Tier One

Tier One support gives your end-users anytime access to our support technicians, 24/7/365. Intended to alleviate the need for internal help desk solutions or IT staff, our Tier One support will provide you with an IT expert at your fingertips. This solution, while typically reserved for our managed services or complete infrastructure hosted customers, is also available for customers looking to have an IT person, or systems engineer, available to them at all times without the salary and staffing overhead. Contact us today to find out more about how we can be your first and last line of defense for all of your technical support needs.

Tier Two

Already have an in-house help desk or IT administrator? FlightApps can provide them with the support they need to provide your staff with the support required. Our Tier Two support is designed to provide support to these individuals on an as-needed basis, ensuring they have the required resources when facing the challenges your user group brings to them. Consider us a safety net for your IT staff and program administrators. Our catered solutions will be custom designed to give you exactly what you need to compliment your support team. This level of support can also be scaled to provide end-user support on a short term basis to help cover times when staffing is limited or to provide coverage during "off peak" hours as needed.

Application Specific

For many of the applications we host at FlightApps, we have specially trained and experienced staff to support them. Our experience and knowledge base can provide unrivaled application specific support ensuring your user-groups take full advantage of the applications you have invested in. Contacts us today to find out if we can provide application support for your specific line-of-business applications.