Application Support and Training

Training & Support

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just getting your feet wet, we can provide support, training, and administrative services that will help you get the most out of your applications, your staff, and every hour of every day. Our professional services are provided by individuals with experience in the industry so you will always have a resource that understands your challenges and can help work through them with you. FlightApps can provide any level of service your operation demands including help desk support, onsite or online training, process development and implementation, custom report design, and even application administration services.

It doesn't matter if you are hosted with us or have a local installation in your organization; we have a suite of professional services just for you:

  • Onsite Training (Training at your location)
  • Online Training (Great for specific challenges)
  • Scheduled Training Courses (Predefined Initial, Recurrent, and Advanced courses)
  • Help Desk Support (24/7 On-Call support)
  • On-Demand Support (Help when you need it, you pay as you go)
  • Crystal Reports Design and Modification (Third-Party)
  • Managed Services (Let us do the updates and manage the applications)

Frequently asked questions about our training and support

What makes your training different?

At FlightApps, our training providers have been in the hot seat. They are former schedulers, dispatchers, and flight department managers with many years of experience working in corporate and commercial flight operations. Providing what we call "Experience Based Training", we offer a unique perspective and intuitive problem solving to tackle the challenges your flight department faces when implementing a scheduling software. Every operation is unique, and having worked with and trained hundreds of different flight departments, we have probably seen a similar challenge and can offer plenty of possible solutions. Tie this together with developer level access to the programmers, and you have a one of a kind training solution.

Do I have to be hosted with you to receive these services?

No. Our interest is to have the most educated user base out there, and whether you choose to host with us, or are happy with your current system setup, we are ready and able to provide the same great training and support solutions for you.

Do you have a "canned" training program?

Yes, we do.  Our predefined training courses are offered regularly at our training facilities in Denver or San Francisco.  These courses are designed to provide an overall and general undestanding of the programs and their core functionality.  Our Initial course is deigned for new users, while we also offer recurrent and administrative courses for more advanced users looking to expand their knowledgebase.  Our instructors are subject matter experts with industry experience, and the content is delivered in meaningful and practical methods using training and checking to ensure concepts are understood and can be put to use immediately.  Contact us to get more information on these courses and to find out when they are offered.

However, because every operation is different in how it does business, and because your existing knowledge may differ from your neighbor's, we also tailor onsite training programs to meet your exacting needs. Whether it is initial, beginner/new hire, recurrent, advanced, administrative or otherwise, we will design and deliver a unique training program just for you and deliver it onsite at your location. Tireless efforts are made prior to these events to ensure that achievable goals are set and expectations defined. We then deliver our training in line with this predefined scope while integrating industry best practices along the way. You get what you want and get what you pay for.

How many people can attend training?

Our scheduled training courses have limits on attendance, dependent on the course and dates offered. Fees are on a per attendee basis, and you pay per person for the entire class.

For onsite training, you can fill the room, or limit it to one or two, the choice is yours. You are paying for the time onsite, not for the number of attendees.

What about a manual or training materials?

Our scheduled training courses and onsite training include various handout material for use throughout the training and during in-class excercises.  We do not have a manual for the system(s), and encourage you to contact the OEM for this type of material.

Can you help with crystal reports?

Yes we can help facilitate your reporting needs. We leverage skilled contract report engineers that can help tackle even the most complicated reporting requirements. We provide a single point of contact for the design and execution, delivering the highest quality reports in a short amount of time. Our third-party report engineers perform all of the work to meet your specific and unique requirements and won't rest until the report is installed, tested, and is running as desired in your system.

Since you work with so many other operations, will you share your knowledge of mine?

In no way is anything proprietary or unique to your operation shared with anyone else. Part of the agreements we complete with you will outline our specific confidentiality policies.

Can you do updates for us?

Provided your software maintenance agreement is current, yes we can. This is one of many managed services we can offer to you and your scheduling software installation. Contact us to find out what else we can do to relieve the burden of administering programs at your location.